Stripped No More!

When Adam was created, he was destined and purposed for greatness.  He was royalty!  Since we are in his lineage, we inherited the place of royalty, also.  Then, when he sold out to Satan, he was stripped of his birthright and privileges. The Great News is that Jesus, as the ‘Last Adam’ (I Corinthians 15:45) redeemed us back to ‘reign as kings (and queens) in life through Himself.

So, when Paul explained that we are ‘seated in heavenly places’ (Ephesians 1:3), we are literally seated in a regal places in His Kingdom.  We are Kingdom citizens, with Kingdom rights and privileges.  This is one of the reasons we should search the Word daily, to know what we have inherited through Christ.  We must walk and talk like Heavenly Royal Heirs.  Our speech and carriage should be so regal that others will want to emulate our example.

There are blessings that we have yet to enjoy.  It’s ours for the asking AND receiving.  We are to speak and ‘call it forth’, by faith, using the Word of God.  If we replaced the comma in Romans 10:17 with these words, “…and hearing,” it would read like this:

“So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

The more we hear (read, listen to, study, mull over, meditate upon, and speak) the Word, the more our faith grows!  The more our faith grows, the greater manifestation of God’s Glory in our lives and those we pray for, according to His will.  We are ‘Stripped No Longer’.   Let us trust in the living God, who has clothed us in righteousness, through His Precious Son, Jesus, and ‘gives us richly all things to enjoy’(I Timothy 6:17)!!!


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