In John 10:27, Jesus reminds us that His sheep know His voice and another they will not follow. As believers, it is our mandate and our responsibility that we recognize, hear, become intimately acquainted with, and follow the voice of the true and living God. We are to hearken, that is, to listen and obey one voice, and one voice alone. If in fact it is in Him that we “live, move and have our being,” than it is His voice that drives us, His voice that sustains us, and His voice that leads us. The voice of our God must be our breath, our heartbeat, our very lifeline. As the Creator, the manufacturer, the intelligent designer, our God has made us from nothing. He is well aware of our original design and purpose. In light of this, He is the only one qualified to speak to our identity. He is the only one to have ‘say so’ in our call.

According to the Word, His design says, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. His design says that we are kings and priests. His design speaks to productivity, dominion, power, and purpose. His Word, which He has placed above His name, says that age, background, status, and conventional wisdom, and even past failures have to bow to the Word and call of God. We see this in the in the stories of men like Abraham, Gideon, David, Peter, Paul and others. God’s Word pulled women above their circumstances like Hannah, Ruth, Tamar, Rahab, Mary and Bathsheba. Who we are is not dictated by what we’ve done, what’s been done to us, or even what other people see in us. It is God’s Word, God’s voice above all others. It is our job to know. It is our job to hear. It is our job to obey.

We’ve been taught to incorporate God’s Word, and therefore His voice into our daily conversations and our everyday lives. We take this time, this month to love and appreciate our pastor for imparting this into us. We take this time to celebrate her life, her example, and her teachings as she celebrates another year of life. Happy Birthday, Pastor Alexia Burgess-Huart. Thank you for being you.

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