Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart, Healthy Church

Mission Statement

GCCM’s mission is to emanate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community through the demonstration of His love, peace and holiness, worship, instruction of His word that will effectuate and maximize healthy minds, healthy church, and a healthy community.

Vision Statement

GCCM’s vision is to create a dynamic and efficacious foundation through the instruction and demonstration of gospel of Jesus Christ.



... Our Beliefs ...

1. One true God

One true God who eternally exists in three persons: the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
(Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:29)

2. The Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ – God manifest in the flesh. His virgin birth. His sinless human life, His divine miracles. His bodily resurrection, His ascension, and His personal return in power and glory
(John 1:14; Luke 1:26-38; Hebrews 4:15; John 2:11; Luke 24:38, John 1:29; Acts 1;9-11)

3. The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible as the Word of God – originally given by God, divinely inspired, infallible, entirely trustworthy, and the only supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct
(ll Timothy 3:17)

4. The fall of man; the need for salvation

The fall of man and his need for redemption (Genesis 1;26-31; 3:1-7) The salvation of the lost and sinful man, apart from works, through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ
(Titus 3:5-7; Romans 8:8-15, Romans 8:16)

5. Water baptism

Baptism in water by immersion
(Matthew 28:19; Colossians 2:12)

6. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
(Luke 24:49; Acts 2:4, Acts 10:44-46)
Sanctification and a life of true holiness
(Hebrews 12:14)

Church History

In the month of December 1983, a small group of Christian brothers and sisters met at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Burgess of Nathalie Avenue in Amityville, New York for an informal discussion of the feasibility of starting a new church. During the discussion, the group, consisting of Bro. Robert Byrd Sr., Sisters Natha Byrd, Sharon Byrd, Cheryl Byrd, Rev. Robert L. Burgess, Sisters Jacqueline Burgess, Alexia Burgess-Huart, Robyn Burgess Walton, Elder Andrew Fulgram, and Sis Wendy Hayden, agreed that the purpose of the new church would be to worship God, our Heavenly Father, and to build a place where God’s Word would be paramount so as to meet the spiritual needs of the group, and perhaps other members of the community.

After a lengthy discussion, the group of brothers and sisters elected Rev. Robert L. Burgess to be their chairman and prospective pastor. At that time, Rev. Burgess organized the founding committee consisting of all present. An official meeting of the founding committee was scheduled for the next month, January 1984. Also, during this and a subsequent meeting of the founding committee, our locality Mayor of Suffolk County, Joseph F. Goode, was a visible and committed member of this group, giving his advice, time and service.

During this meeting in January 1984, two names for the church were submitted to the committee – “Emmanuel Community Church” and “Grace Community Church.” The name “Grace Community Church” was selected because of the biblical and spiritual denotation. Also during this meeting, it was reported that the Wyandanch Day Care Center had been selected as a temporary place in which to worship and that the first Sunday in February 1984 would be our first day of worship as a new church. Thereafter, after our first worship Sunday in February, Rev. Leon Byrd joined us while studying for the ministry and is listed as one of our fine charter members. A few years later, he was ordained in the ministry by this Church.

We do acknowledge that every day in our first year as a church was not always filled with exhilarating mountain-top experiences, for we had our valley and sorrows of death through the loss of our beloved brother, Vernon Jackson, the husband of Sis. Shirley Jackson; and little Lavelle Evans, the son of Ms. Robyn Burgess Walton and the grandson of Rev. and Mrs. Burgess. However, we thank God for His comforting spirit during that time, and He continues, even at this present time, to comfort all of us in our time of bereavement. Since that memorable day, February 5, 1984, GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH HAS BEEN BLESSED BY God, in that, He has given us a wonderful increase in membership and by His grace, through faith in Jesus, members of our church and others who visited us have been saved. God has used us as instruments to minister to the sick, the poor, the bereaved and the imprisoned.